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CIRL would like to express its appreciation to the Government of Canada for its financial support in the design and development of the Document Information Tool provided on this website. We would also like to thank the many government and occupational organizations that participated in our consultations.
Welcome to CIRL!

CIRL is the Canadian Institute for Recognizing Learning. We are an organization dedicated to improving the ways in which Canada recognizes the knowledge and skills of its people.


Our Mission

CIRL is based on a vision of a Canada founded on peaceful pursuit of individual aspirations that collectively build communities in which respect, equality and participation are foundations for living.

We welcome you to our site and invite you to read further.

  What's New?

July 2011. CIRL's CEO contributes to new book on researching the recognition of prior learning. More.....

February, 2012. CIRL undertakes a second study on PLAR activity levels in postsecondary institutions across Canada. CIRL hopes to complete the scan before the end of 2012. See first report by clicking More....

May, 2012. CIRL facilitates development of a new PLAR new international database More.....

August, 2012. CIRL continues international presentations to strengthen expertise and promote the recognition More.....

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